Alternative digital infrastructures

An attempt to outline the difficulties of escaping the AWS and Google infrastructure.

There are many reasons why you might want to avoid monopolistic infrastructure services.

Your client might not want to be associated with them. You might want to make your working life more difficult for yourself.

It is also an interesting experiment to see just how ubiquitous these digital (and physical in the sense of servers) infrastructure organisations and services have become.

From a developers point of view, I’d quite like a service like Netlify.

But I would like it to be hosted on local infrastructure supporting local econimies.

Sometimes you need things like persistent storage and databases, and that’s where something like OpenStack comes in.

If the hosting companies of the world went together to develop or support the development of open source projects that aim to solve these problems, we’d be very happy!

Some thoughts about nice to have’s

  • Persistent storage
  • DNS stuff (custom domains, subdomains, certificates, automatic/integrated with deployments)
  • Build servers
  • CDN (cloudflare?)
  • Static file serving
  • ‘Cloud functions’
  • Database access


Open source (https complete web server)

See Jamstack, Multiple static website deployments on a VPS, faasd (OpenFaaS without Kubernetes)