Content management for emergence

Can we use a tool like obsidian as a content manager for quickly prototyping websites?

That, combined with a way to easily export or compile a folder to a fully functional, publishable website.

Markdown might not be the best tool for the job, but it might be good enough for now.

Another way of joining together content quickly, without the cruft and slowmess of a solution like sanity.

We definitely need a cms, but what if the cms is decoupled from the data?

Also, what is a content management system?

What if the data could be «free» to be edited by any cms and also free to be published in any way the owner might see fit?

A file based system would allow this to a certain extent, but what does a file based system mean for collaboration?

Is real time collaboration possible with a file-based system for organising and importantly, hyperlinking content?

Wiki-style linking with the right authoring tool has the amazing feature of letting you create a link to a yet-to-exist, a non-existing document. You can then click through the link and create the document! Magic!

Any other way of creating linked document structures seem archaic. A current way of linking several documents in popular cms’s is to individually create each document, then you have to go back through all of them and link certain words to the other documents. This might be ok if you’re working in a traditional, static way, and you will probably be less likely to generate interesting and good cross-linking.

In the old way, everything needs to be planned in advance. There is therefore very little headspace for provoking emergence, you plan your way out of emergence.