CRDT – Conflict-free replicated data type

CRDT or Conflict-free replicated data type is ‘a data structure which can be replicated across multiple computers in a network’


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See also operational transformation, the convergence algorithm used by Google docs and Ms Office online.

See Peritext, a rich-text CRDT developed by Ink & Switch. Github, Essay

See 5000x faster CRDTs: An Adventure in Optimization (Recent article 2021-07-31 about CRDT speed)

Here the author Seph Gentle recommends using Yjs for any kind of production set-up.


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A selection of very useful links about CRDTs and distributed systems. Via the Fission discord.

A Conflict-free Replicated Data Type (CRDT) is a data structure that simplifies distributed data storage systems and multi-user applications.

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