Design – noFramework

by Jérôme Beau

Very useful article about a ‘no framework’ approach to website and app development. Vanilla JS. Lots of good links and tips. Worth the ~20 mins read, and keep it for reference.

Just like users of CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc.) lack CSS skills, users of web frameworks are doomed to lack experience in both modern web APIs and software design in general.

‘The vanilla goal of removing constraints implied by frameworks and not libraries, must not be confused with a “write everything by yourself” dogma.’

‘Whereas vanilla development is not about writing any complex infrastructure to host components (a.k.a. containers), it is still a good idea design software items as reusable (i.e. context-independent) if they can occur multiple times in your system. Whatever the technology you use, well-grained abstractions remain useful, whether they are business or technical: it’s always a good idea to group data and rules pertaining to the same business concept into a reusable object or to build a widget that can be instantiated in multiple places in your app.’

“there will be no documentation”: no documentation about the framework for sure (since there’s isn’t any) but, as for any software development, you are still expected to document your app. Notably, the use of patterns will help to auto-document your software design. Your app’s code documentation is the one you care about ; having an additional framework’s documentation is just the consequence of having a framework.


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