Designing for information emergence

An organic way of working with the development of content. Instead of sitting down and planning every single bit of content or information we might need, we can develop a system where this information grows naturally out of the information needs.

Wiki’s are great examples of this! They let you start working on something, then connect it to the next thing without having to create the thing first.

These ideas came out of a conversation with Daniel Mahal about privacy, decentralization, information and the future of the web on 2021-08-12.

Is there a way to design a process where we can develop an information research project in this organic way?

What would it take?

What would be the goals of such a project?

Are there any other ways of doing it?

A wiki-like ‘emergent information system’ really lends itself to asynchronous working as well. (See asynchronous communication)

Giving every project it’s own password-protectet wiki would let everyone be able to be much more prepared for the synchronous meetings.

If everone were more prepared for meetings we could all get so much more out of them than Zoom fatigue.

See Content management for emergence and provoking emergence.