Edge computing

Edge computing refers to a concept in distributed computing that brings application logic physically closer to the user or data. Traditionally, we send data down the fiber, do the computing on centralized server, and send the information back to the user over the wire. This often implies long round trips in glass cables across the globe, thus latency.

Edge computing attempts to bring computing power closer to the end users, either in an edge datacentre, or on a user’s device (so much power). In some cases this can lead to increased privacy, as user’s data could be processed entirely on device instead of sending the raw data to be processed somewhere else.

But distributed computing also leads to other problems. Without a central store, there’s no single source of truth. How do we do syncing and coordination with other users? How to do auth?

See very good and interesting introduction to the distributed computing world by Brooklyn Zelenka from Fission. The Jump to Hyperspace (talk by Brooklyn Zelenka) on Youtube.

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