Enacting fixes instead of implementing feedback

Enacting fixes instead of implementing feedback means to not execute feedback directly, but to identify where the problems are. And re-iterate over it internally.

This could also be taken into consideration when working on design or development projects. Especially when it comes to user or stakeholder feedback. Their suggestions for solutions are often more indicative of a problem. We can then workshop the problem/space and move into a solution space that is suitable for our particular application or environment.

"What the notes told them was where the problems were in the narrative. John and his team had the confidence in their artistic vision. So they trusted that confidence in themselves to enact the fixes not just implement the Disney feedback.

This is was how Steve also used those working for him to help him craft the best products Apple launches."

From panel discussion at:


The webarchive link doesn’t have the full story :( https://web.archive.org/web/20210418032052/https://www.cake.co/conversations/jNZlq6j/the-man-who-produced-steve-jobs-keynotes-for-20-years

‘They’re receiving feedback from people whose advice, for some reason, they don’t really respect. But instead of discarding the advice altogether, they’re treating it as a signal that their intent – the effect they strive for – is not working.’

But see https://viz.garden/2021/02/24/jobs-keynote-pixar/ for the some of the missing pieces of this puzzle. ALWAYS PRESS ARCHIVE on the web-archive!