Inevitable decay. Everything eventually becomes flat/cold. No movement.

‘A system with high entropy has a low degree of order. A system with low entropy has a higher degree of order. In a steam engine, you have the heat in one place (the boiler) and it is dissipated into the cold part (the condenser). This is a very orderly (low-entropy) system in the sense that anyone can reliably predict in which part of the engine hot molecules are likely to be found. But when all the parts of a steam engine are the same temperature, and hot molecules are equally likely to be found in the boiler and the condenser (and hence entropy is high), the engine can’t do any work.’ P. 121 Tools for Thought by Howard Rheingold

‘An unshuffled deck of cards has a lower degree of entropy because energy went into arranging it in an unlikely manner. Less energy is then required to out the deck into a more probable, less orderly, less predictable, more highly entropic state: According to the second law of thermodynamics, all decks of cards in the universe will eventually be shuffled, just as all molecules will have an equal amount of energy.’ P. 121 Tools for Thought by Howard Rheingold

See The two laws of thermodynamics (Rudolf Clausius).