Geo URI scheme

The geo URI scheme is a way to define locations using a 2 or 3-dimensional latitude, longitude and optionally altitude parameters.

It allows you to link to a location without linking to a specific platform, letting the user, or user agent (in many cases a browser) choose what platform to display the information.

The geo URI scheme was published by the IETF in June 2010.

The scheme officially supports an optional accuracy parameter (;u=500) using u and the value is accuracy in metres.

The android platform supports some unofficial parameters for zoom levels etc.

See the Wikipedia article for more information

Platform-dependent support

It is up to the user’s platform (Android, iOS, macOS, Linux) to decide what to do when met with a geo or any other semi-exotic URI protocol.

Not all desktop OS’es support the geo URI scheme.

Apple Maps links like these are supposed to work on any platform by using UA-sniffing to send the user to the right service.

There might be some privacy implications using these kinds of links.


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