Jamstack stands for Javascript, API and markup. And has become a term to refer to building serverless, pre-rendered static sites, often with interactivity provided as a progressive enhancement. Features that normally require a server are usually implemented as serverless functions, or lambdas: Independent cloud functions with a public endpoint that let’s you do things on the server without managing a server yourself.

It lets you abstract away certain features, and lets you focus on building exactly what you need. Spin up a function when you need it, instead of having a powerful virtual server running 24/7 to do work that’s only required once a week.

‘Faster, more secure, and cheaper websites & apps are the central promises of the Jamstack. But in reality, the Jamstack’s sexiest offering is this: a deliberÂate, creative, and strategic development experience for modern developers.’

Via a Snipcart article on headless e-commerce