Markup format. Comes in many flavours.

Great because it is basically plain-text. Doesn’t require any special tools for editing.

It does to some extent require you to be familiar with HTML and how websites are structured. It is a steep learning curce for someone who’s used to editing linear documents in Word.

Missing some key features like blocks, built-in support for transclusion, metadata.

Content blocks in markdown

It looks like Information Architects ( have been doing some work on spec-like thing for content blocks, see

Also, Gordon Brander is working on something, although not strictly markdown-based called Subtext: mark-up for note taking, see

Semantic Markdown

I’m not sure what I think of this yet (maybe cluttering an already fragile format), but the incentive here is similar to some ideas in Hypermedia document editing environment.

I think the markdown becomes messy, and it starts to loose its human-readable nature.

I reckon a more loosely coupled approach where things are connected using Semantic triples (RDF triples) would be more favourable.