Open hyperdocument structure

In a 2004 lecture at Stanford University, Doug Englebart talks about an ‘Open hyperdocument structure’ which you can have multiple interfaces reading from and writing to. A pedestrian user can have a simple interface, but an expert may have all bells and whistles.

This is reminiscent of Solid – Social Linked Data and the work that goes on currently with interoperability. My thoughts around Hypermedia document editing environment, Metagraph hypermedia editor

He talks about DKR’s, Dynamic Knowledge Repositories, which seem similar to semantic-web or Solid.

We need ‘effective facilitation of our co-evolution’.

Human paradigms lag behind technology’s huge quantum leaps. We need to accellerate paradigm changes.

We need ‘continuous improvement of large-scale collective capabilities’

‘The better we get at getting better, the better and faster we’ll get better.’

‘Large-Scale Collective IQ: Facilitating its Evolution’ - Engelbart’s keynote at Accelerating Change 2004, Stanford University (AC2004). His byline: ‘Strategically improving our capability for coping with complex, urgent, large-scale problems’

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