Parts for a generic design system

For the web.

Before we go make stylesheets, we should make sure all elements render as consistently as possible across major browsers. This could be accomplished by using normalize.css.

Also consider doing some sort of reset so we don’t mix up browser defaults with our own styles. This is helpful since we’re planning on building a design system, and don’t want it to mix too much with the browser’s own.

The theme variables

These should be the palette from which you compose your semantic parameters.

The theme parameters are the core variables which will have the greatest impact on appearance.

  • units, from 8xs to 8xl, plus thin and hairline
  • type families, sans, serif, monospace
  • line heights, small, normal, large
  • colors

The abstract or semantic variables

These parameters should only be based on values from the ‘theme’ parameters defined above.

These are so-called derived variables,[1] and we should aim to use them in our codebase.

We could also call these tokenized variables because they are referred to using a token. For instance --color-warning instead of --color-ochre. This makes it easier to replace all instances where you want a warning colour, but there might be more than one place using ochre.

You should be able to use these without tweaking, but they are definitely meant to be adjusted on projects which require it.

  • font stacks, monospace, primary, secondary
  • font sizes, small, normal, large, (and 4xs to 8xl, or should these be named after the typographic hierarchy?)
  • horizontal spacing, small, normal, large
  • vertical spacing, small, normal, large
  • colors dark, normal, light
    • text
    • link, link:hover, link:active
    • focus
    • success
    • error
    • background
    • primary
    • secondary


Type and helper utility classes

Font styles

these should be a combination of the typeface, the weight and style, and any additional type-related adjustments like letter-spacing, line-height, casing etc


We should style up a set of easily overridable standard form elements. This will necessarily be a combination of HTML and CSS.

These form elements should be able to be used «out of the box» with no customization, but should be easily stylable using our abstract variables.

The components

  • layouts grid
  • box
  • card
  • stack

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