Sending files with similar names to collaborators

When sending a folder of files as an interim delivery, short movie clips or images like screen recordings and screen shots, it can be a good idea to batch rename the files before sending.

Renaming the files from Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 14.30.25.png to A-1.png will make it easier to discuss with the other parties.

They could be renamed with the days date followed by a sequential number, like 2021-05-14_1.mp4, 2021-05-14_2.mp4 etc.

The next ‘delivery’ might be a few days later: 2021-05-17_1.mp4

Or, for a more easily communicateable name, a capital letter followed by a sequential number, like A-1.mp4, A-2.mp4 etc.

Here, the next ‘delivery’ will require you to manually choose which letter to use: B-1.mp4.

Renaming a bunch of PNG files to A-001.png etc. with a shell script. Can be written in one line or split over several for readability.

for file in *.png; 
    newfilename=$(printf "A-%03d.png" "$i"); 
    mv -i -- "$file" "$newfilename"; 
    let i++; 

The %03d part is a left padded (with 0) number of 3 digits.

The same concept goes for traditional presentations. Each slide could include today’s date, plus the slide number.

When you get an email after the presentation, slide number 24/76 on 14th of May will be less ambiguous than the slide after the one with the dark background, but before the one with the thin lines.

As an added bonus for the viewer: include the total number of slides, 1/76 as it will give them an indication of where they are in the presentation.

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See Formater og oppløsninger.