Solid – how to get people on board

Has been trying to leverage existing technologies to meet its goals, but it has also had to create some new, and also create standards and shared vocabularies that will make this work possible.

The most difficult thing about selling in the idea of solid and pods are perhaps how to hook them up to existing infrastructure. How do you put data into a pod?

How do you get a user to create a pod? Or connect an existing pod to a new service? Here also lies a big challenge for interaction designers.

Could this be an area of study? The interactions around new, privacy focused data agency to the user interfaces?

Can we explain the difference between Solid and something like Dropbox or Google drive? They’re used as examples, but I’d specifically like to know if there’s a way to sync a pod to a local drive?


  • What does it take if an individual to start using a solid pod now?
  • What does it take of an individual to start using pods in an ideal future (5 years from now?)

See Solid – Social Linked Data


Solid FAQs