If you’re any kind of leader or your job requires you to be available for others to ask questions, sparr with or get direction from, you should probably schedule the times where you’re available.

See A World Without Email by Cal Newport on topics around availablity as a leader or coworker.

In his podcast Deep questions, Cal Newport talks about three types of availability:

Full availability means that anyone can ask you anything at any point during your day. This usually means compromising deep, concentrated work, and ultimately the amount of work you’re able to carry out in a day.

No availability means you’re not available at all, this is often impossible, and would probably require you to have a very special role. A lot will be expected of your deliveries.

Structured availability means blocking out time where you’re regularly free to talk. This is time you’ve set aside, so it won’t get in the way of your deep work. By being regular, you also set up an expectation that you will be available, and it will be easier for others to understand when you are. The downtime between appointments or drop-ins could be used for light interruptable (easy to pick up) admin work etc.