Syntax highlighting

A technique to highlight and differentiate individual parts of a (programming) languages syntax.

It can separate strings from numbers, function definitions from variables or other keywords.

It generally makes programming a much more pleasurable task, as it give you an additional layer of encoding on top of the plain text aspect.

I’m testing the highlighting here:

var hljs = require('highlight.js'); //
// Actual default values
var md = require('markdown-it')({
  highlight: function (str, lang) {
    if (lang && hljs.getLanguage(lang)) {
      try {
        return '<pre class="hljs"><code>' +
               hljs.highlight(str, { language: lang, ignoreIllegals: true }).value +
      } catch (__) {}
    return '<pre class="hljs"><code>' + md.utils.escapeHtml(str) + '</code></pre>';



Highlight JS