The Jump to Hyperspace

Some brief notes from ElixirConf 2021 - Brooklyn Zelenka - The Jump to Hyperspace on Youtube. CTO of Fission. Talks about distributed computing or Edge computing.

Points of presence (PoP) are placed directly on 5G receiving towers. It means you can get cached content directly from the point where you connect to with your phone/device.

Mo distributed, mo problems

  • Causal islands – no single source of truth!
  • Local first – how to do coordination
  • Replicate/run on any machine – Access Control Lists fail for reads, many writes

New tools

  • CRDTs
  • Differential Datalog DDlog
  • Relative dataviews
  • Homomorphic encryption
    • You can compute over/on encrypted data
    • You can even encrypt the function that the data is being processed by
    • And still get great results
    • Perfect for health data

Object capability model (OCAP)

  • Using credentials to read or write resources
  • Fewer steps than traditional OAuth
  • UCAN (User Controlled Authorization Network) payload encoded as JWT
  • Cryptrees (DAG / Directed acyclical graph)
    • Looks like a filesystem