Good tools are half the job a Norwegian saying goes.

It’s true for both hardware and software tools – digital and physical.

Good tools are key to making maintenance enjoyable.

Some tools are super specific and are only meant to do one thing well, others are very general – multitools.

See verktøy for more on this in Norwegian.


I try to always carry a multi tool around with me, at least when going to new, unknown places.

After years of testing and breaking several, my current multi-tool of choice is the Victorinox Swiss tool X plus ratchet.

It allows me to fix a lot of things on the go, extending their lives greatly.

A quick example are zips, they’re ubiquitous, everywhere! They’re also some of the most used and handled part of what they’re on, so eventually they wear down or loosen.

With a pair of pliers, most zips can be repaired or temporarily mended in a few seconds.