A digital garden is a ‘way’ to publish in-process notes and writing as they are being produced.

A digital garden is a place where you can sow seeds or weed weeds.

It takes focus away from the ‘finished product’ and over to the process.

It is different than a normal ‘blog’ in that it is not chronological and never ‘finished’.

It represents a network of interlinked notes and thoughts.

This network should ideally be visualised using some sort of interactive thing. A force-directed graph of links? See the graph view.

As a tools for thought it should help with provoking emergence and developing ideas over time.

Andy Matuschak mentions in a North Star podcast that the notes are a way of ‘calibrating your impulses’. This is somewhat related to Setting up for intuition.

This is a definitions.

It’s my garden, but I’m happy for you to hang around and eat tomatos with me. https://joelhooks.com/on-writing-more

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