Good tools make maintenance more enjoyable

Make sure your process allows you to make maintenance an enjoyable job.

In a house, you could for instance make cleaning – an everyday form of maintenance enjoyable by having good tools, good cleaning equipment available.

Don’t buy the cheapest dustpan and brush or broom made of poor-quality plastics and cheap aluminium that will break in two year’s time. Try finding a local place that sells well-made products.

This is also true for work on the computer. Whether you’re doing writing, coding, design, or photography, having good tools are essential to optimising enjoyability. With increased enjoyability comes increased flow.

Make maintenance enjoyable by having good tools available.

In the kitchen, I mostly use cotton cleaning cloths because they’re nice to handle, and when ready they are machine washable on high temperature.

Suppliers of house cleaning tools

The Swedish company Iris Handverk makes some very nice brushes and other cleaning tools. They also have other household goods and their products are often made in Sweden.

For more specialised brushes the German company Redecker has a great selection and a lot of use cases covered. Do you need a special brush to dust off your hi-fi equipment?