Hyphenation on the web

Most browsers support English hyphenation. [1] Firefox supports many languages, including Norwegian bokmål and nynorsk.

‘Note: The rules defining how hyphenation is performed are not explicitly defined by the CSS specification, so the exact hyphenation may vary from browser to browser.’

Hypenation can be turned on with CSS using hyphens: auto;. The lang attribute of the html tag must be present for hyphenation to work.

Manually instering a soft hypen, ­ in a word is also possible. Sometimes all we need to do is hyphenate single long words in titles for instance. If our editing tools let us insert soft hyphens easily this would make the job for our editors easier. In the mean time, we might be able to copy from the table below.

Name Unicode HTML CSS
Soft hyphen [­] U+AD ­ \00AD

See language, microtypography is concerned with individual components of typography


Is it possible to load hyphenation dictionaries into other browsers?

Are they, and should they be available at some online CDN?