Notes on thinking tools

This is a small collection of notes I’ve made for different thinking tools, aka tools for thought. These are ideas that have developed over time, not always coherent, and often overlapping. They are in development.

Ideas are cheap, but execution is expensive. Feel free to borrow ideas, and let me know if you beat me to building any of this. I’m sure I’d like to try it out, so send me a message!

Content management for emergence

Hypermedia browser

Hypermedia document editing environment

Metagraph hypermedia editor

Ideas for names for the metagraph editor

automerge explorer

A suggestion for a format or a standard for interchange (tools for thought)

Prototype for multiplayer editor

Working with manuscripts and authors – hypermanuscripts

See also

Interesting problem spaces around collaborative interfaces (CRDT)

annotations as linked data

Designing collaborative interfaces on top of CRDTs



CRDT timetracking with automerge and JSON-LD

operational transformation

List of CRDT algorithms


web annotations

Zero Data App

Simple writing lasts better

Alternative business models for software development

Alternative digital infrastructures

Linked Data

Spaced repetition


Relational design

Knowledge ecology

Wicked problems

Open-ended systems

Open hyperdocument structure

Getting better at getting better

LinkML GUI editor for domain and content modelling

Linked Data

Crystallisation and metallurgy, ideas and thoughts


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