Spoon Fed

A 2020 book about nutrition, the food industry and the web of lies, biased and downright fake information and research generated to make you and I believe that one thing is better for you than another.

An honest professor backtracks on some of his own stances and takes a new, objective look at nutrition.

What we eat is inextricably linked to the enviroment, and changing how and what we eat might be one of the greatest personal contributors to mitigating climate change.

The book is not about the ethics of eating meat versus being vegetarian. It really tries to play both sides of the coin, and is realistic about the world’s food consumption. We won’t all go vegan tomorrow, even if that changed the future – it might not even be that healthy. But reducing our meat consuption will have a great effect.

Professor Spector makes an interesting point about goverment guidelines for nutrition from fish: if the whole world followed them, we’d very soon deplete our oceans.

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