What is this website?

This website was designed and developed as a tool to aid reflection, thinking and creation of new ideas, based on a corpus of notes on different subjects.

It is an attempt at creating meaning from, and giving meaning to – information.

Links are first class citizens here, both the human-authored and the computer generated ones. They are what carry you from one piece of information to the next.

It is based on a simple file structure of relatively plain text files, sweetened with some markdown.

Data could be stored and transcluded from a CSV file. See Markdown.

CSV files can also be opened as HTML, or as a raw file.

This website is the program that interprets and displays the raw data, notes, with a little help from a human designer.

It should be fairly possible to present the exact same information in a completely different way. And if I think if a good way, I might add it to the top menu.