Cholula style hot sauce

The goal here is not to develop a Cholula clone, but rather a standard set of guidelines for creating that style of hot sauce, made with dried peppers rather than fermented peppers like Tabasco.

The initial ratios have been found here:

Apparently, Cholula is the 10th most popular hot sauce in Mexico. At least according to the blog Kiwilimon

I do very much like the fermented sauces, maybe even prefer them for their deep long flavours, but sometimes either a) you don’t have access to fresh peppers, or space/skills to ferment. Or b) you have a bunch of dried chilies you bought in Tlacolula market that evokes the scorching sun of the central valleys that you’d like to be able to sprinkle on just about any food that you eat. (or you dried your own, or bought some nice ones)

The good thing about a recipe like this is that you’re free to substitute the chilies for any kind. You can add a bit of chipotle for a subtle smokey flavour or only chipotle for a full on smoke bomb.

I also have some Naga ghost peppers that we managed to get from a market in Dimapur a few years back. They’ve been sealed and are waiting for a just application. Putting them in food renders it inedible for most of my eaters.


2 dl of water 2 dl of vinegar (7%)  2 tbsp of ground piquín pepper 4 whole chiles de árbol 1 tbsp onion powder 1 teaspoon of garlic powder Salt  (¼ teaspoon of xanthan gum)

(I also think there might be a smidgen of cumin and oregano in the original sauce)

See quick article about how to use xanthan gum here


Blitz all the ingredients to a fine fine liquid. Sieve out any non-liquefied bits. If using xanthan, add now and reblitz)

19 august 2020

Lager med 6 stk meksikansk specimen A) se foto og 4 stk meksikansk specimen B)  Bruker eplecider eddik fra Helios (5%)

Bruker da 2.8dl eddik og 1.2dl vann

Jeg lar chili stå i eddik blanding over natten og kjører det i maskinen på morgenen.

Med en halv teskje salt.

Dette blir alt for sterkt. Jeg blander inn 2dl til med eddikblanding og kjører det på nytt. For sterkt. 2dl eddikblanding og en halv teskje salt til, fortsatt veldig sterkt.

Men nå begynner den å komme seg.  Jeg tilsetter en hel teskje salt.

Jeg tilsetter en halv teskje hvitløkspulver og en teskje salt til.


Starter med en kvart teskje xanthan gummi. Fortsetter med enda en kvart

Dette virker som en god grense! En halv teskje for 8dl veske. Målet er kun og få litt kropp og å stabilisere løsningen så den ikke skiller seg så lett.

En halv teskje salt legges til.

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1.42*2 = 2.84



2.85=14 27=14