List of open source typefaces

An overview over open source typefaces.

See also commercial typefaces.

The SIL Open Font License (OFL) is one of the most commonly used open-source font licenses and is specifically developed for font software.

In this list I try to only include releases that have one or more of the following qualitites:

  • High quality drawing
  • Large character set
  • Wide unicode support
  • Supports multiple scripts (in addition to latin)

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National Park

A rounded router-style typeface in four weights released with SIL OFL.


Open source.

See also

Clear Sans

Open source, Apache license. Designed by Intel. Font files are free to use. But source files by Monotype are not available.

RW Garamond

Open source version of Stempel’s Garamond (a favourite of Derek Birdsall)

‘RW Garamond is a freeware Garamond font in OpenType format. (‘RW’ stands for Rudolf Wolf, the designer who created Stempel’s version of Garamond from the Egenolff-Berner specimen.)’


‘A Victorian style slab serif font’ Clarendonesque.

Linik Sans

Linik Sans is developed from Inter, versions 3.3 and 3.13, and Manix Sans HL fonts.

Similar to Inter but different numerals and DIN-style tails on lowercase l and i.


Grungy, multilingual typewriter font with 10 glyphs per character! A monster in terms of file size, but subset it could work quite well!

There are multiples styles, in varying degrees of dryness of the band/hardness of the typing.


Sans-serif grotesque typeface designed by Bryce Wilner. Comes in 4 styles. Well drawn. Hints to British grotesques, captial Q sends me in the direction of Folio (Bauer 1957).

Download via Font Library



Sans-serif typeface with many weights and unicode symbols.

High quality. Released unfer SIL OFL.

Original design and development by Swedish designer/developer Rasmus Andersson.

Can be downloaded via the (very nice) official home page or Google Fonts

Did it have some relation to Figma?

Century Schoolbook L

The original Century Schoolbook was designed by Linn Boyd and Morris Fuller Benton.

This old classic is supplied as open-source software with some linux/unix systems.

It is released under the GPL license.

It can be found repackaged as downloadable desktop and web fonts on TimothyGu’s github.


A Clarendon-style egyptienne designed and developed by indestructible type*. Released under SIL OFL.

Space Grotesk

Typeface by Florian Karsten. High quality drawing.

Space Grotesk is a proportional sans-serif typeface variant based on Colophon Foundry’s fixed-width Space Mono family (2016). Originally designed by Florian Karsten in 2018, Space Grotesk retains the monospace’s idiosyncratic details while optimizing for improved readability at non-display sizes.

Source Serif Pro

Designed by Frank Grießhammer

‘Source Serif Pro is a serif typeface in the transitional style, designed to complement the Source Sans Pro family.’

Licensed under OFL

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