Vegetable fritters

Simple guidelines for making vegetable fritters. Can be eaten on their own with a simple salad, or as a side.

They can also be eaten in a wrap.

You can mix it up by using different kinds of spices, pushing it to whatever part of the world you’d like to go with your flavour buds.

They taste delicious with a tahini sauce or yoghurt sauce.

They can be further drawn out by adding some mashed leftover beans or lentils, or by adding some flour to the veg mix before adding the egg.


Whateve firm vegetables you have Sping onions Egg(s) Salt Pepper and/or other spices (you can make these work for anything) (Onion, ginger, garlic)


Grate some firm vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, potato, courgette, beetroot, celeriac, into a mixing bowl.

Chop some spring onion greens and mix in.

Salt for 10 minutes and squeeze out excess moisture.

Season with pepper or other spices

Whisk together an egg and mix it to make a thick, batter-like dough.

Heat a heavy-based skillet to medium-hot, add cooking oil and fry in small patties until golden on both sides.

Keep hot in preheated oven until eating time.

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