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Guidelines for open source code

Guidelines for open source in different government organiasations

List of design systems

And related resources, all mixed up, to be extended.

List of email providers

An accumulating list of different email solutions and providers.

List of films to watch

Interesting films found or recommended by friends.

List of immersive art experiences

‘However, is there a downside to this trend for artainment? These types of installations draw large audiences and are definitely very easy to market. Stunning visuals are perfect for social media and advertising campaigns. Positive reviews online get more people through the door. In addition, visitors love to interact and take photos of the spectacle on their phones. But some may ask if all this is diluting the art itself.’

List of navigation patterns

Navigation patterns for websites and apps.

List of online language resources

‘The European Dictionary Portal, curated by experts in the European Network of e-Lexicography, is your guide to good online dictionaries of European languages.’

List of open source typefaces

An overview over open source typefaces.

List of type foundries and designeres

Fontstand, clever app solution with font rental. Both web and desktop fonts and many foundries. Check out their Fontstand News platform.

Listening to

Tracks, albums, mixes. Updated when something comes across the radar.

Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog is a Bavarian film-maker. He has a distinct style of observation. Both in his documentary and feature films. He creates raw impressions of the people he meets through the lens.