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Universally understood. Sustenance, source of nourishment, pleasure, comfort, discomfort. The central part of a meal.

Listening to

Tracks, albums, mixes. Updated when something comes across the radar.

Notes on thinking tools

This is a small collection of notes I’ve made for different thinking tools, aka tools for thought. These are ideas that have developed over time, not always coherent, and often overlapping. They are in development.

Relational design

Relational design is about designing with, rather than for. It is about conversation and involvement in the process. It is about shared ownership.

Some current themes

Keywords / current themes

The meal

The meal is one of our most important social institutions. It is where you can share stories and discuss matters current and past. It is something that can be shared irrespective of language understanding.

What is this website

This notes sections of this website is designed and developed as a tool to aid reflection, thinking and creation of new ideas, based on a corpus of notes on different subjects.