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A Song for the Spanish Anarchists by Sir Herbert Read

The golden lemon is not made but grows on a green tree : A strong man with his crystal eyes is a man born free.

Compliance and authority

‘Compliance and authority scale much better than freedom and responsibility’

Getting better at getting better

‘The better we get at getting better, the better and faster we’ll get better.’ —Doug Englebart in Accelerating Change 2004: Doug Engelbart Keynote Address on YouTube

Intrinsic motivation is the currency of the commons

‘Intrinsic motivation is the currency of the commons’

Morally significant without being good or bad

Something can be morally significant without necessarily being good or bad

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything

‘Plans are worthless, but planning is everything’ ‘But if you haven’t been planning you can’t start to work, intelligently at least’ — Dwight D. Eisenhower in a 1957 article by The New York Times

Simple writing lasts better

‘Simple writing also lasts better. People reading your stuff in the future will be in much the same position as people from other countries reading it today. The culture and the language will have changed. It’s not vain to care about that, any more than it’s vain for a woodworker to build a chair to last.’

What programmers do

‘That’s what programmers do. They think of machines people might want to use, and figure out ways to describe those special machines to general machine-computers, that is.’

Wicked problems

Wicked problems are complex and challenging social and cultural problems that usually have changing requirements and no clear outcome.