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Colin Ward

British anarchist, writer, editor, architect. Born 1924, Essex, England.

Derek Birdsall

Derek Birdsall (born 1934) is a British graphic designer specialising in books.

Hannah Arendt

Born 1906, Germany

Hermann Hesse

Swiss author, poet and painter. Born in Germany in 1877.

Ivan Illich

Ivan Dominic Illich, born 1926, Vienna, Austria. ‘was a Roman Catholic priest, theologian, philosopher, and social critic. His 1971 book Deschooling Society criticises modern society’s institutional approach to education, an approach that constrains learning to narrow situations in a fairly short period of the human lifespan.’

Laurie Baker

Indian architect (Born 1917, Birmingham, England – died in 2007, Kerala, India). Designed energy efficient, innovative buildings using local materials and labour.

Lewis Mumford

Born 1895, New York, US

Norman Potter

British cabinetmaker, writer, designer, political dissident, educator. Born in 1923 and died in 1995.

Otto Wagner

Austrian architect

Richard Feynman

Richard Feyman (1918–1988) was an American theoretical physcisist.

Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a neuroscientist who has written books about spiritualism without religion, creates the podcast Making Sense and the app and meditation programme/course Waking Up.

Ted Nelson

‘So, that notion of hypertext seemed to me immediately obvious because footnotes were already the ideas wriggling, struggling to get free, like a cat trying to get out of your arms.’

Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog is a Bavarian film-maker. He has a distinct style of observation. Both in his documentary and feature films. He creates raw impressions of the people he meets through the lens.

William of Occam

William of Occam ‘(c. 1285–1349), English philosopher and Franciscan friar. A defender of nominalism, he is known for the maxim called ‘Occam’s razor’.’[1]